Sergio Renda & Amy Renda

Managing Director & Marketing Manager

creaimpuls offers sound international business experience based on numerous cooperations with leading companies in the areas of B2C and B2B. The development and implementation of innovative marketing, product and distribution initiatives are at the heart of our actions. Additionally, we can activate a broad network of knowledgeable and experienced talents.

One of our strengths lies in linking technological understanding and know-how with innovative approaches and creative directions. The flexible and highly creative mind-set is met by a love for structure.

Stories stir emotions, images tell tales. Find your playground. Develop a vision and sustainably manage the appearance. Anchor the positioning both verbally and visually. 

Clever marketing management generates wow effects

Understand the 5 Ps of marketing and enrich them with new and fascinating digital tools. Join online & offline for a perfect brand experience. Less is usually more, regardless of the business environment.

The ROI deserves daily consideration. Keep pushing boundaries and don’t miss the opportunity to dance and shine. Tactfully bring a point across and focus on the essence. Embrace new opportunities for growth and initiate new processes. What is needed, when, why and by whom? Not only do you need the right product but also the right location and appearance.

Inspiring places and objects